KSI knocks out Swarmz, stops pro boxer Luis Alcaraz Pineda

KSI takes out Swarmz, stops genius fighter Luis Alcaraz Pineda

YouTuber KSI breezed through the assessment of battling two times in a single evening


KSI, he dealt with two rivals, opening and shutting the show

KSI crushed an expert

fighter before Jake Paul

KSI's most memorable adversary of the night was British rapper Swarmz.



The battle some way or another made it into the subsequent round.

28 seconds after KSI sent the rapper to the material with a body shot followed by a left hand.

After Body Shot

28 Seconds



In Cycle 2

KSI KOs Swarmz in cycle 2 - potentially the most terrible thing I have at any point watched

KSI got back to the ring for the headliner to confront Luis Alcaraz.

YouTuber chose

to get push-ups

This battle was permitted to see the third round.